Incontinence Product Guide


If you are experiencing urinary incontinence but aren’t ready for or don’t need catheters, there is a wide variety of products that exist to help you manage your incontinence symptoms and continue to live your life on your terms.


Made for added protection against light incontinence, liners are one-size-fits-all, body-shaped pads that are meant to be worn with regular underwear.

  • Example of a Liner:
    • Abri-Man Formula 2 Incontinence Liner - this liner is specifically designed to fit male anatomy, providing protection against leakage through its comfortable, pocket-shaped lengthwise barriers.

Fitted Briefs or Protective Underwear

For people with moderate to heavy incontinence, "fitted briefs" or "protective underwear" both refer to one-piece garments meant to be worn day or night. As the name suggests, they are made to replace your regular underwear entirely.

  • Example of a Fitted Brief:
    • Attends Classic Incontinence Brief - this brief is made with soft, breathable material that comes with an additional "superabsorbent" layer to promote dryness and block odors.

Pads or Guards

Suitable for those with heavy incontinence, pads and guards are available in a variety of absorbency levels and shapes that are meant to conform to the shape of your body. These can be worn with regular underwear, but you may also choose to wear them with reusable briefs.

  • Example of a Pad:
    • Prevail Daily Pads, Heavy Absorbency - made in two different sizes, these pads are designed specifically for the female anatomy and allow dryness and comfort through Prevail's MaxSoft and Dri-Fit technologies.


Also called "chux pads," underpads are typically laid out underneath those with heavy incontinence when they sit on wheelchairs or furniture or when they lie in bed. Since underpads come in many different levels of absorbance, they can take up any fluid or fecal matter that leaks out before it reaches your sheets or your furniture.

  • Example of an Underpad:
    • ProCare Underpad - this underpad comes with a non-woven top-sheet for added comfort to the touch and a moisture-proof backing that shields beds, linens, and other surfaces from fluid or fecal matter leakage.
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